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“Dana Karni is not merely an excellent attorney, Dana Karni is an OUTSTANDING attorney!! In a world where the average consumer is overwhelmed and outgunned by all of the resources that creditors have at their disposal, and the tactics they employ to intimidate consumers, Dana Karni is the greatest, and most powerful resource and advocate a consumer could possibly have. Dana is more than an attorney standing up for, and protecting the rights of consumers, Dana facilitates favorable results for her clients in the face of what may seem like the most unfavorable, and impossible odds. Dana is able to accomplish this because she possesses and commands a brilliant understanding and knowledge of the law, and knows how to utilize the law as a means to protect, and uphold the rights of consumers. I turned to Dana for her advocacy and help, when a significant, and well-established creditor decided to pursue a case against me. Dana was not even remotely intimidated by this particular well-known creditor, and used her knowledge and experience in consumer law to recognize that the creditor’s attorneys made a significant mistake, that enabled the case against me to be dismissed. I believe that only Dana Karni could have achieved such a favorable result, because she takes the time to genuinely cultivate a meaningful relationship with each and every client, and does more than her due diligence in getting to know every single facet of a client’s case and personal circumstance. You are not a “case number” to Dana, you are human being, and the personal attention and representation you receive from Dana is always reflective of that. Dana Karni pursues justice for her clients in ways that other attorneys are not willing to do. I really and truly trust Dana Karni with my life, and you can trust her with yours.”

-Past client, A.K.